24 Hour Bail Bonds

Everyone knows that trouble can strike at any time in California. You can find yourself in a tough spot when you least expect it. It’s reassuring to know that there are good people in the community ready to help when needed. We provide 24-hour bail bonds services throughout the state of California.

If you or a loved one faces arrest for DUI, drug-related charges, or anything else, you can count on Bail Bonds Direct to be there for you, anytime, day or night. Bail Bonds Direct operates 24/7, offering bail bonds services across Southern California. No matter where you find yourself in police custody, Bail Bonds Direct can have a licensed, experienced bail bond agent by your side to help you get out of jail and back home in no time.

Emergency Bail Bonds

It isn’t always easy to come up with the money for bail, or even the money for the bond fees that bail bond agencies are required to charge. Bail Bonds Direct offers a wide range of payment options. They will work with you to figure out what you can afford and help you get out of jail while you try to assemble the money to pay the bond premium. Payment options that require as little as 1% down can be arranged with Bail Bonds Direct. You just need to call (800) 880-8380 to find out more!

24/7 Bail Bondsman

Anytime, day or night, you or a loved one find themselves behind bars, you know you need help, and fast! This is especially true for members of the LGBTQ community, who face higher than average incidences of violence behind bars. The short-term confinement in county jails, between arrest and conviction/sentencing, can pose a particularly dangerous time for members of the LGBTQ community, as segregation in the jail population is much more difficult to achieve, and county law enforcement are sometimes not equipped to deal with the increased security needs of LGBTQ inmates.

In 2017, Bail Bonds Direct’s agents had an opportunity to help in just such a situation. Late one night, one of Bail Bonds Direct’s top bail bond agents received a call from the mother of a young man who had been arrested, along with his boyfriend, for arguing in public. The men were charged and taken to a small jail. This jail functions as a booking facility and is not equipped to hold defendants for any long period. After booking, the two young men were to be transferred to the much larger county jail.

The mother was desperate that her son be bailed out before transferring to the county jail. And, she had good reason to be worried. One of the deputies involved in the arrest had spoken to the mother, urging her to arrange bail as quickly as possible, saying, “Your son will not make it in the county jail.” As an experienced bail bond agent, the Bail Bonds Direct agent recognized that this was an extremely unusual move for the law enforcement officer to have made and it alerted him to the urgency of the situation.

The mother lived outside of California, and it was impossible for her to go to the jail to do anything about the situation in person. She had called several other bail bond companies before reaching Bail Bonds Direct and was told time and again that there was nothing they could do so late at night, and that her son would have to transfer to the county jail, and they would work on bail the following day.

However, Bail Bonds Direct responded immediately, despite the late hour, as all of Bail Bonds Direct’s agents are trained to do. The agent called the jail and had the officers put a hold on the transfer, went straight to the jail, and arranged for the release of the woman’s son. However, the young man was unwilling to leave his boyfriend behind. The other young man had no family willing to pay the bond fee required to bail out of jail, so Bail Bonds Direct arranged for a 0-down payment loan to be made to the young man and arranged for his release from jail as well.

Both young men were grateful for their release and went on to attend all their court hearings, attended anger management classes, and avoided jail time. The mother was persistent in finding a 24/7 bail bondsman like Bail Bonds Direct who was ready to help her son when he needed it most.

Find A Bail Bondsman

When you need to find a bail bondsman, you must find someone you can count on to be there when you need them. Bail Bonds Direct has agents all over Southern California and works with agents throughout the state. They can be by your side in minutes, no matter what time of day you find yourself in trouble.

Bail Bonds Direct has the best rates on bail bonds. How can we make that statement when all bail bond companies are required to charge the same 10% fee? Bail Bonds Direct uses a Surety Company that allows them to discount bail bonds to just 7% if the defendant retains a private attorney and pays the premium within the first 72 hours. There’s no lower rate available anywhere.

Bail Bonds Direct saves you money in other ways, too.

Other companies charge hidden fees like:

– Notary Fees
– Travel Expenses
– Posting Fees
– Annual Premiums
– Late File Premiums
– Interest on Financing
– Processing Fees

Bail Bonds Direct doesn’t charge any of these fees. There is always just one flat rate, no interest, no hidden fees, no surprises. Other companies may advertise the same 10% rate that everyone is required to charge. But, what they don’t tell you is all the other fees you’ll end up paying. Bail Bonds Direct never charges these additional fees, so you’ll end up paying a lower rate, no matter what the other guys are advertising.

After Hours Bail Bonds

There’s no such thing as “too late to get in trouble.” Trouble often happens in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning. If you find yourself in trouble, you’ll need an after-hours bail bonds company that believes in service when you need it most. You need Bail Bonds Direct! Call (800) 880-8380 for after-hours bail bonds you can count on!

Bailing Out Of Jail in California

To pay the required bail and get out of jail, a defendant must produce the cash required by the court to meet the entire bail amount. Sometimes, this amount can be much more than what is readily available to an individual. The court may accept real estate and other items of significant value to secure the bail in some cases.

Bail Bonds Process

A bail bondsman is licensed by the state and works with a bail bond agency and surety company to post a “bond” for you instead of the full amount of your bail. The Surety Company is somewhat like an insurance company. They have specific rules for issuing bonds to help people get out of jail. The person in jail pays a fee, and the bail bondsman posts a bond with the court system, promising to pay the full amount of cash bail if the accused individual fails to appear for all their hearings and trial proceedings.

Then, the person charged with a crime can return to their job and family while they wait for trial. The person for whom the bond was posted promises the bail bondsman and the court system that they will continue to appear for all court-ordered appearances. This is an important agreement that must be upheld for the bail bond to remain in effect.

Get Out Of Jail

When someone is arrested and accused of a crime, they are usually taken to a local police precinct or jail to be “booked” for their offense. This process includes taking fingerprints and photographs and recording the charges. After the booking process is completed, the defendant has the opportunity to “post bail” to avoid being incarcerated while awaiting a release hearing. To get out of jail and return to friends and family, the defendant can pay the entire bail amount required to ensure their return for the hearings related to their charges.

Cash bail has been a method to secure release for accused individuals in the U.S. since before the country began. Bail is a set amount of money determined by the Superior Court in each county and is published annually in a “Bail Schedule.” The bail schedule for each county can be found in every jail or booking facility, along with worksheets to help determine the exact amount of bail required for each charge and enhancement a defendant faces.

California Bail Bonds 24 Hours

When you need a bail bondsman at 2:00 AM, you don’t want to dial the phone and get an answering machine. You need help getting out of jail right now! Bail Bonds Direct understands the importance of finding the help you need when you need it. With offices located all over Southern California, Bail Bonds Direct works with licensed and experienced bail bond agents who are ready to be there at a moment’s notice. Most locations are near enough to jails that you could have a bail bond agent by your side in minutes.

Having someone who can respond quickly is even more important when you’re being arrested in one of the many California cities that don’t have small, local holding facilities. In many larger cities, the booking process takes a couple of hours, and then a defendant is processed into a large county jail, where it can take much longer, sometimes as much as a day, to get someone bailed out.

No matter what time you find yourself behind bars, you can call Bail Bonds Direct 24 hours a day and get the help you need. Get out of jail fast by calling (800) 880-8380.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Near Me

If you’re looking for 24-hour bail bonds near me, you need help now, not later! You’ll find that Bail Bonds Direct has a licensed, trained agent standing by, ready to help you get out of jail whenever you need them. With locations all over Southern California and relationships with bail bond agents throughout the state, Bail Bonds Direct can be the bail bonds near you, no matter where you are! One call to (800) 880-8380 will get an agent dispatched to your side right away!