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And with agents all over California, no matter what your bond is set at, you’ll have a professional agent by your side, helping you through each step, until you’ve posted bail.

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I recently needed the services of a bail bonds company. After Yelping Orange County bail companies I called Bail Bonds Direct. I am so happy I did. They handled my situation with the utmost respect and showed a high level of sensitivity and compassion. They patiently walked me through the entire confusing process. They were extremely professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend this company.

Julie S,
Las Vegas, NV
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Oh man lets see where to start. My brother was out in la drinking with his friends and sometimes he can be a little hard headed at time.He planned on driving back to Orange county from LA while little bit buzz and unfortunately he got pulled over because his break lights were not working and he ended up getting arrested. I had to get a bail bond to bail him out and that's when I came across this bail bond company and they helped me right from the beginning to the end and I was satisfied with all their work.I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who needs a fast bail in LA

Zeenna K.,
Irvine, CA