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If you’ve been arrested in San Diego County, we’re here to help you out. Our licensed Bond Agents have a working relationship with the San Diego Police Department and the County Jail system. This means that if you let us represent you in the bail process, we know where you are in the system and how to get you out quickly and efficiently.

Bail is a right that all citizens have. While you may be under arrest, this doesn’t mean you are guilty of any crimes. As a result, the Court is obligated to set a reasonable bail amount to avoid imprisoning innocent people. All you need to focus on at first is learning the details of your arrest and the amount of bail that has been set. The nature of the charges against a person who is arrested determines the bail amount required to release the person from jail.

Bail Bonds DIRECT works with all bail amounts. We have an efficient system and sufficient backing to provide the largest bonds. So no matter what it is that has taken place, we are prepared to help you out. We also understand that discretion is important, and we pride ourselves on your personal rights, including the privacy of your information.

We understand this is all new to you if you’ve never been through the trying experience of being arrested. Let us worry about the details while you concentrate on gaining your freedom.

We’ve made sure that our full resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the sooner you give us a call at 800-880-8380, the quicker we can get started working on your freedom. You may also contact us here so we can help you with bail bonds in San Diego County.

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