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Has your loved one been arrested? Are they calling you, counting on your help to bail them out? Our experts at Victoryville Bail Bonds understand the severity of this situation. This is what we work with all the time. It is our priority, and our duty, to know the law. You don’t know what to expect, but we do.

The first thing that you need to know about the arrest process is that time is a crucial factor. When your loved one is detained, they are booked and processed. This means taking pictures, fingerprints, and filling out paperwork. They will remain at the jail for a while, but eventually there is a good chance of their being transferred to the appropriate jail. We want to get the process underway before there is a chance of their being transferred, as this can prolong the window of time for their quickest release.

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You don’t need to understand all of the details. That’s what we’re here for. We know the specifics that will help your loved one out the most.

We’ll be sure that you understand the conditions of your loved one’s bond, about their court dates, and other details involved. We’ll work with you to get the proper paperwork filled out. One important step in the process is to assign a co-signer to your loved one’s bond. This is necessary to give assurance to the court that your loved one agrees to appear at any court dates required as a condition of their release.

Once everything is in order, we’ll need for you to make payment. We accept cash, check, or charge. It will only be a short time now, and your loved one can return to freedom and a normal way of life.

No matter what led to their arrest, you need the best assistance and you need it right away. Don’t waste time or risk your loved one’s freedom. We can help with bail bonds in Victorville. Give us a call.

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