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You’ve never dealt with this before. You’re no expert to the legal system, but right now, it feels like it’s all in your hands.

We see it every day. A loved one calls in a panic because they’ve just been arrested. They’ve never spent a second in jail and they’re terrified. They can only imagine the worst of scenarios and their thoughts of freedom and the important things in life go flashing by. They worry over losing their job, embarrassment, and the horrible thought of being stuck in the slammer.

The list of concerns are just as bad for the family member trying to help in the situation. That’s where you come in. You’re calling other family for advice, zipping through search results for an answer. What’s the first thing you’re supposed to do when a loved one is arrested? Is this going to cost a fortune? What if you can’t afford to make bail?

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We care about our local community, and we are here to provide an important service. Bail is not just an option, it is a right provided as part of our legal system. Everyone has a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In almost every circumstance, a person deserves the option of preparing their case and hiring representation from outside the walls of the jail.

Getting a bail bond becomes important for the simple fact that most people could never afford the full bail amount set. A bond is an affordable option that lets you get your loved one out of jail right away. The money is secured by a co-signer and any asset they can provide as collateral in case your loved one were to try to skip bail.

Don’t worry yourself over things you can’t control. This is a scary situation, but it doesn’t have to drag on. We’ll help calm your nerves, inform you of the right steps to take, and before you know it, your loved one will be free to resume their life.

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