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You’re concerned about your loved one’s safety, comfort, and their future. But, your primary focus needs to be on moving fast.

We understand that you’re frustrated, disappointed, confused, and worried. You want your loved one out of jail immediately, but you’ve got no idea how bail bonds work.

When most people think about jail, they imagine a single phone call, being chained up with other inmates all wearing orange jump suits. But, how does posting bail fit into the picture?

How long is your loved one going to be stuck in jail? Are they safe? What can you do to help them?

Once you’ve made the right choice to give us a call, things can get on the right track fast. We’ll find out the bail amount assigned to your loved one’s case and let the jail facility know we’re posting the arrestee’s bail.

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What’s the purpose of a bail bond?

The amount of bail assigned to various charges can be substantial. Most people today don’t have a lot of accessible money; at least not within the time limit of a crisis of this nature.When you come to us, we’ll charge a small fee to post the full amount of your loved one’s bail, with your guarantee that you will provide a co-signer. The purpose of a co-signer is to promise that your loved one will appear at any required court proceedings. The full value of the bond is insured because of our good standing and professional reputation. If a person were to flee while out on bond, we would be responsible for the full amount, so we require someone to place their word as co-signer to the bond, backing this up with collateral.

Everything’s going to be alright. Just be sure that you make your first move the right move: call us at 951-279-3333. We’re here to help you with bail bonds in Riverside.

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