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You’ve just received an urgent call. Your friend or family member is in jail and they’re desperate for your help. The next decision you make is an important one that will impact their freedom. Don’t try to handle this on your own. Let us take the fear and confusion out of the situation and handle the details for you. Call our Placentia Bail Bonds DIRECT agent at 714-500-8700 so we can walk you through the next steps you need to take.

Many of the people in jail for the first time are just like you and me; their family and work are counting on them. Sometimes, helping someone get on with their life isn’t just about the relief of getting out of jail. It can mean a chance to stay current with bills, not losing their job or being there for an important event. Time is precious, so we take it seriously to push ourselves hard and act on your behalf.

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When you contact us, you only pay a portion of the full bail amount. We’ll immediately start working for your loved on and tell the jail that we will be bailing them out. This prevents the potential for a prolonged stay or the possibility of their being transferred to another facility. You’ll make payment before your loved one’s release, and we simplify this for you, accepting cash, check or charge.

We are one of the most efficient bail bond companies in California. Handling your bail bond quickly and helping people return to normalcy is our passion. We care about people, and it is reflected in our ethic. So, if your loved one is in trouble, give us a call now. We’ll help you get bail bonds in Placentia.

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