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Having a successful experience when posting your loved one’s bail is ultimately going to come down to one important factor; how quickly did you act?

Some people will learn this fact the hard way. They’ll start Googling about how to post bail, calling friends and family to ask for their input, measuring one option over another, calling different bail bond agents, and by the time they’re ready to act, their loved one is transferred to another facility. Now, the chances are they could spend hours, perhaps days in jail.

Our team at West Hollywood Bail Bonds has a better plan for you. Call us right away and we’ll explain to you why it’s so important not to waste any time. Remaining even-headed and focusing on the end goal are vital to your loved one’s speedy release. We are speaking with experience when we say timing is more than half the battle.

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What you’ll come to learn is this; the sooner we contact the facility where your loved one is being held, the better the outcome will be. Our goal is to make sure they know we are bailing your loved one out of jail. This will help guarantee that the facility expects to prepare them for release. Therefore, there’s no reason to prepare the arrestee for a transfer.

There’s paperwork that has to be completed, and you’ll have to assign a co-signer to provide a guarantee against your loved one trying to disappear. This assures the court that they will be around for their scheduled hearings and anything related to their case.

Our goal is to make you calm and focused, and you’ll find the whole ordeal can be over in a short time.

You can call us with any questions you may have. We’re here for you. Contact Bail Bonds DIRECT at 310-818-4100. Should you need bail bonds in West Hollywood, we’re here to help.

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