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We believe in the process, which is designed to guarantee your innocence until proven otherwise. You deserve your time in court, with legal representation. Until that date is set, you have the right to post bail.

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When a loved one is arrested, it’s important that you contact us right away. The first thing we need to do is contact the jail to let them know we’ll be posting bail. Timing is critical, as we want to prevent your loved one’s transfer. The sooner we act, the faster your loved one can be free.

Bail amount is set based upon the crime that a person is arrested for. Once we know the charge, we can assume details about court requirements, bail amount, and the proper paperwork. We will work with you to get all of the documents taken care of. Part of the requirements of the process is for you to choose a co-signer for your loved one’s bail bond. This provides added security that they will be present for their court dates.

We accept cash, checks, and any major credit card for payment. Once everything is taken care of it should just be a short time to your loved one’s release.

Make sure that you call us before you do anything else. We’ll be here for you 24/7. We’ll help you with bail bonds in Walnut.

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