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When you run into trouble, you need the help of an expert. You wouldn’t try do-it-yourself root canal or brain surgery. Likewise, if your loved one has been arrested, they need your help immediately, and you don’t want to miscalculate the right steps to take. At Sherman Oaks Bail Bonds, we know the process and the system, and we know that time is working against you until we get your call.

We are local, quick, efficient, and respected. We can meet with you in person, help via phone and fax. The less time your friend or family member spends in jail the better. A speedy release begins with a call to the jail facility to let them know we’ll be helping to post bail. Since we’re known and respected, they know things will be handled correctly, so they’ll be ready to prepare your loved one for their release in as little as 30 minutes.

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You’re going to need to fill out paperwork, and just as importantly you have to assign a co-signer to the arrestee’s case. Every person who has posted bail has to provide their assurance that they will be present at any and all court dates dealing with their arrest. The co-signer assures this process, placing their good name on the assurance that the arrestee won’t try to flee instead of appearing in court.

The system only works if you follow the process. We’re here to help facilitate that process and to reduce emotional stress along the way. We are committed to excellence and service to our community. If you’re desperate for help, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 818-678-6600. We can assist you with getting bail bonds in Sherman Oaks.

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