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A single phone call can change everything. We see it happen every day. One minute you’re going about your day thinking everything’s fine. Then, you receive that call from a family member from jail. They need your help and they need it right away.

Your stress level goes through the roof from uncertainty, worry and confusion. You start Googling everything that comes to mind; jail, posting bail, bail bonds, etc. After bringing up blogs, question/answer sites and wiki pages, you realize you’re just chasing your tail in circles. Meanwhile, a family member sits in jail scared to death, uncomfortable, and surrounded by creepy strangers.

Understanding what is going on goes a long way to reducing your anxiety. As soon as you decide to call us, we can guarantee the whole situation will improve compared to the risk of going it alone. We’ll contact the facility to let them know your loved one’s bail will be posted right away.

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When your loved one was taken into custody, they were booked, processed, and fingerprinted. When they hear from us, they’ll know that your loved one needs to be released early in the process. This helps guarantee that they will not be transferred to another facility where jail time could continue for hours, sometimes days. As you can see, acting fast can lead to a fast release. And, since the facility knows our stellar reputation, they know there won’t be any hiccups, so they’re happy to oblige your loved one’s speedy processing.

We understand your situation and we’re here to help anytime day or night. Give us a call right away at 626-500-1414. We can help you with getting bail bonds in San Gabriel.

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