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We’ve all been taught to be prepared for various emergencies. We know to call 911, how to help someone if they’re choking, and some of us were even taught to ‘duck and cover’ in case of a nuclear bomb. But, when it comes to handling a loved one’s arrest, most of us are clueless what to do until faced with the situation ourselves.

Everyone hopes they never have to deal with the jail system at all, but at San Dimas Bail Bonds, we answer the calls from stressed family members of first-time offenders all day and night. No one expects the unexpected.

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Despite the terrible inconvenience and all of the scary unknowns, the truth is, you only need to learn one important step: if you’re loved one is arrested, make your first call to us.

The most important resource to anyone in this situation is time. We can’t reverse it, change it, or turn back the clock, but if we hear from you quickly enough, chances are good that time is working for you and not against you.

The first thing we hope to do is contact the jail on your behalf. We’ll notify the staff that we’re going to be posting your loved one’s bail. The sooner we act, your loved one will have better chances to be released quickly. This means avoiding a transfer to another facility, and also provides us an opportunity to jump ahead, preparing all of the necessary paperwork. We’ll receive your payment, either by cash, check, or charge. It should just a brief time until your loved one is free.

If your loved one is arrested, be sure to call us right away at 909-591-3100. We can arrange for bail bonds in San Dimas.

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