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When we receive a call from a panicked client, we understand the myriad emotions they’re experiencing. They’re worried about their loved one who’s just been arrested, but they’re also scared because they don’t know the right thing to do. They can’t afford to make the wrong decision; this is a person’s freedom on the line. How are they supposed to afford bail?

How long will their loved one be behind bars? Are they safe? Did they really do what they were arrested for? How could they get into trouble like this?

Our company is called Reseda Bail Bonds, but we’re not just here to post bail; we’re dedicated to standing up for your loved one’s rights. The concept of bail is an important element of your freedom. We all have the right to fair representation for any crime we have been accused of. Until a court rules our innocence or guilt, bail provides the conditions for our freedom until our case is tried.

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We consider it an honor to represent members of our community, protecting their rights and calming their fears. When we receive a call, we know it will likely be from a panicked love one. It’s our job to reduce anxiety, present the facts, and walk each person through the steps to secure their loved one’s safe release.

Don’t try to navigate posting your loved one’s bail on your own. Call us right away and we’ll help you through the steps. You’ll need to complete required paperwork and assign a person as co-signer to your loved one’s bond. Once we receive cash, check or charge for payment, it will just be a short time before you’re reunited with your loved one.

We’re here for your 24/7. Get in touch with us at 818-678-6600. We can assist you with getting bail bonds in Reseda.

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