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The worst part about someone’s family member being arrested is the overwhelming sense of loss of control. Fear comes from lack of knowledge, worrying over what is being done to a loved one. Are they safe? Are they eating terrible food in a dangerous, dirty dungeon-like room? How can they see them? Can they be bailed out? Is it going to cost a fortune?

The most important question for the situation is “who should I call?” Your first call should be to Pomona Bail Bonds. We’ll bring clarity and hope to the situation, ready to serve you and bring your family member back to their regular life.

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When a person is placed under arrest, they’re taken to jail where they will be booked and processed. This includes collecting fingerprints, photo, and filing paperwork. At this time, they will assign a bail amount based on a pre-determined identification code that is factored for every violation. As soon as this amount has been assigned, our caring and licensed agents at Pomona Bail Bonds are able to begin preparing the proper paperwork for you to fill out.

From the moment that we receive your call, we’ll jump right in to minimize the time it takes for your loved one to be released. We’ll work with you to complete the required paperwork and to assign a co-signer on the bond. The co-signer is required to act as a guarantee that your loved one will appear at any court dates mandated as a term for their release. We will collect your payment, either by cash, check, or charge. In just a short time, your loved one will be free.

Don’t waste your time scurrying for people to call or Googling for answers, worrying yourself over the unknown. Contact us quickly at 909-591-3100 and we can assist you with bail bonds in Pomona today.

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