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Moments from now, you’ll be startled to an awakened state as a jolt of fear hits your stomach. Your loved one is calling in the middle of the night from the jail. They’ve been arrested!

You just can’t believe this is happening. Is this even real?

Before you start to panic, chasing your tail in a circle, worrying over what on earth you’re going to do, call one of our compassionate professionals at Pico Rivera Bail Bonds.

The truth is, the worst thing about a loved one’s arrest is the unknown. Once you speak to someone who understands the system and the process, you can start to place your attention on things that help instead of the constant worry over the uncertain.

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We deal with this all the time, so not only do we respect your fears and concerns, our wish is to serve you, reducing your stress, answering the unknowns racing around in your head, and protecting your loved one by posting of their bail. We don’t want to see your loved one stuck in jail any longer than you do.

As soon as we hear from you and have the relevant details, we’re able to get you started on the paperwork that’s required. We’ll immediately contact the jail facility to make sure that they do not transfer your loved one, prolonging the time it may take before their release. We’ll let them know we’re working with you to post bail, cutting the time of their detainment to a minimum. After payment via cash, check, or credit card, it will be a short time until your loved one is released.

Contact our professionals at 562-453-4200 and we’ll do everything in our power to make this experience as painless and fast as possible. We can assist you with getting bail bonds in Pico Rivera. Soon you and your loved one will be getting back to your lives.

Learn what to do if a loved one has been arrested in Pico Rivera.

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Do you know someone that has been taken to jail in Pico Rivera? Here’s some helpful information to get you started with the bail process at the Pico Rivers Sheriff Station. The jail can take several hours to book someone into custody and may hold individuals up to their first court date. Once they have been booked into custody, the jail will accept a bail bond and release the individual in approximately 30 – 45 minutes right into the station lobby. The jail is open 24/7 and so are we. Meet our licensed agent in the station lobby for fast service. Give us a call, and we will be happy to show how simple our process is.