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Our experts at Montebello Bail Bonds care about being there for people in their time of need. We’re ready and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Bad experiences like getting arrested don’t wait for convenient hours. Things happen on Christmas just like any ordinary weekday. If the unexpected is happening in your life right now, make your first call to us.

We understand that even good people find themselves in compromised positions that land them in jail. Detainment is not just for hardened criminals. Nobody expects to be arrested, but when that day comes, it brings worry and fear, wondering about what will happen next and what they can do to secure their freedom. That’s why are reaching out to you for help.

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We’re experts at handling the severity of this situation, and it’s our #1 priority to advocate on your behalf and for your loved one’s rights. Bail is a necessary component to protecting a person’s right to a fair trail with representation to decide their innocence or guilt.

Once they are booked and processed, there is a window of time in which we need to contact the jail to make them aware of our intent to bail out your loved one. This helps prevent the prolonging of their time in custody.

It will only take a brief time for us to work with you on filling out paperwork and assigning a co-signer to the bond. After payment by cash, check or charge, it will be just a short time until you’re reunited with your loved one. Soon it will be time to put this awful experience behind you and help your loved one move forward with their life.

Call us right away at 323-498-2800 and we’ll make sure all of the right steps are taken to bail your loved one out of jail immediately. Should you need bail bonds in Montebello, we’re here to help.

Learn what to do if a loved one has been arrested in Montebello.

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We understand good people get into bad situations. We are here to help. If someone you care for has been arrested by the Montebello Police Department, this is what you need to know. They will be taken to the Montebello Police Station Jail for booking and housing up to their first court date. In some cases, the jail will require bail to be posted in order to release an individual. We can turn a bond into the jail 24 hours a day with little paper work. Collateral is not always needed and we can approve your bond over the phone instantly. Save Time, Deal DIRECT.