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Helping to bail your loved one out of jail is a trying, stressful experience. The worst part of the situation for everyone is the unknown. At Monrovia Bail Bonds, we’ve seen just about every scenario that exists, but the most common thread between all of them is the stress caused by lack of knowledge. We consider an important part of our expertise, to help calm the fears of family and loved ones. Contact us and we can help make the process clear, acting on your loved one’s behalf to secure their freedom.

Your fears will reduce greatly once you understand the procedure. If you remain calm and listen to our professional bondsmen, chances are good that your loved one will be free in a very short time.

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We’ll immediately start by contacting the jail, informing them that we’ll be assisting in posting your loved one’s bail. This will prevent their potential transfer to another facility, which could otherwise prolong their release.

We’ll work with you in person to get the required paperwork filled out, or this can even be done by phone if necessary. We’ll have you designate a co-signer, as the court requires someone to verify your loved one’s presence at any court dates required.

We make it easy for you to pay for their bond, accepting cash, check, or credit card. With all things filled out and in order, it’s just a short time until you will see your loved one again, free and ready to get back to their life.

If you need to bail someone out of jail, make your first decision the right decision: give us a call at 626-500-1414. We can arrange for bail bonds in Monrovia.

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