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Have you received a call from your loved one in the middle of the night saying that they’ve been arrested? It’s a horrible experience, but one that happens all the time. Our expert agents at Lomita Bail Bonds deal with this situation all the time. When we hear from family or loved ones, they are usually in a state of reserved panic, unsure of the right thing to do.

You can take our word that the most important action is the first action; calling a licensed bond agent. Once we hear from you, we’re able to help make your situation better. Part of our job is helping you remain calm, turning your focus away from worrying about your loved one, replacing fear with results. Every step from here is about securing their release.

We know how to act quickly, and this will lead to the results you want the most; your loved one’s release from custody.

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Here’s what will most likely take place. First, we will contact the jail to let them know we are going to be posting your loved one’s bail. We’ll either arrange to meet with you, or we can begin working on filling out paperwork by fax if that helps. The fastest process is to meet together on site where they are being held. We’ll need for you to provide a co-signer for your loved one’s bond. This is a requirement that guarantees that they will appear in court for any dates that deal with their arrest.

Once everything is in order, we’ll collect payment for their bond. We make this easy by accepting everything from a credit card to a check or cash. This process doesn’t take very long, and it should only be a brief time until your loved one’s release.

We hope that you never have to face this stressful situation, but if you do, the best thing that can happen for your nerves and for your loved one’s freedom is to contact us first. Give us a call right away and we’ll arrange for bail bonds in Lomita for you or your loved one.

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