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Here at Downey Bail Bonds Direct, we understand what a family goes through when a loved one is arrested. We’ve been assisting in the process for years, and there’s one thing that’s certain; the unexpected can happen to anyone.

It’s just a fact; hard criminals aren’t the only ones that go to jail. Sometimes, the most law-abiding citizen gets caught up in something they didn’t foresee. Maybe they found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe they made a bad choice that held more serious consequences than they understood.

Regardless of the specifics, we see these things happen every day. People who are always well-intentioned make a bad judgment call; and they are clearly remorseful, scared, and desperate to get out of jail. Whatever the situation is, if your loved one was arrested, they’re counting on you to help, and they need you to respond fast.

Don’t waste any time worrying about the right thing to do. Call us immediately and let us walk you through what needs to happen next.

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We care about fellow members of our community. We take the honor of helping people in their time of need seriously. So, we’ve made it our mission to serve our neighbors by helping them to not let the government take their right to bail.

We have agents close to the jail, so we can meet with you there to take care of the necessary paperwork and expedite your loved one’s release.

We’ll need you to choose a co-signer to guarantee that your loved one will appear in court. We make payment easy by accepting cash, check, or charge.

We’re glad to be in the position to make a difference, so don’t go it alone.

Give us a call at 562-453-4200 and we’ll start working on your loved one’s freedom right away. We’ll help you get bail bonds in Downey right away.

Learn what to do if a loved one has been arrested in Downey.

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You get a call from someone you know and they tell you they’ve been arrested and are held at the Downey Police Department. This is what you need to do in order to prevent major delays in getting them bailed out. Arrestees are typically transferred within one hour to one of the Los Angeles County Jails. If you act quickly enough and call us, in most cases we are able to notify Downey PD prior to the transfer that we are on our way to bail them out thus preventing a transfer from taking place. The fastest way to bond out of Downey is to meet in the lobby of the Police Department where we will complete all necessary paperwork and turn the bond in. Once the bond is in, it takes approximately 15-20 minutes for release.