How Does the Bail Process Differ from City to City?

While plenty of US states welcome the bail bonds process, how bail is accepted can differ from area to area. So too, in fact, can the arresting process. Police departments and jail services may not all work by the same rules and procedures when it comes to posting bail, accepting payment, and securing release. Therefore, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with local rules and standards.

Across Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles, Bail Bonds Direct supports families with any and all bail-related concerns and complaints. We know only too well that the rules may differ from county to county. In this guide, we will look at ten specific cities which we cover on a regular basis. We’ll break down what you can expect from the arresting procedure, and how your bail may be affected.

Santa Ana

Anyone arrested in Santa Ana will be required to attend the local police department, which is in fact located in Anaheim, CA 92805. Both Santa Ana and Anaheim, being in close proximity, share a lot of the same processes, and the same jail facilities. However, it is always important to understand how and where the arrest and bail procedures may differ.

A person arrested in Santa Ana will largely be subject to retention of a few hours in the local PD, which is based on South Harbor Boulevard. Administration during this time can take anywhere up to four hours, which isn’t a particularly lengthy process by all accounts. Following holding time at the PD, arrestees will be transferred to the Orange County Jail, which is the largest local facility in the area.

During this time, bail will be set. It’s here where you can approach a bail bonds agent to act as a third party during proceedings. Do remember, as a result of California state law, you’ll be required to pay between 8-10% of the total bail amount as fees to an agent.


Anaheim, as advised above, will operate via the same PD on South Harbor Boulevard. Arrestees will be subject to the same administration, scans, and processing over 4 hours. In some cases, people arrested in Anaheim may be detained in the local jail. However, due to overcrowding issues, it is more likely that they will be transferred to the larger Orange County facility next door.

To prevent transfer to Orange County, it makes sense to take action as quickly as possible. Processing and holding can take much longer once an arrestee is admitted to the larger facility. Therefore, where possible, you should be quick to act in approaching a bail bondsman during the 4-hour window at the Anaheim PD.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach arrest and bail procedures work a little differently. When arrested in Newport Beach, you will be transferred to the local PD on Santa Barbara Drive, CA 92660. The processing time here can be reasonably speedy, which means you may only have a couple of hours within which to post bail before an arrestee is moved on.

The jail in Newport operates on a much more temporary basis. It is considered a stepping stone on the way to Orange County Jail. Once an arrestee starts to be processed at the larger facility, it can again take considerable time before bonds can be accepted. That means your friend or family member could be waiting around 8 hours before release can be agreed. Always contact a bail bonds expert immediately.


When arrested in Fullerton, you will either be taken to the city’s Type 1 facility at the local PD on West Commonwealth Avenue, CA 92832 or to Orange County Jail. The difference depends, believe it or not, on the gender of the arrestee. Only male prisoners are detained at the Fullerton facility, while females will be processed and detained at the larger jail.

Up to 15 male arrestees can be incarcerated at Fullerton PD. Processing and booking are relatively quick, though a bail bondsman will be able to make arrangements with the department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If posted at Orange County, however, contact will need to be made with the larger facility.

La Habra

The process in La Habra works similarly to that which you may find in Anaheim and Newport Beach, in that most arrestees will be transferred over to Orange County Jail. The La Habra Police Department and holding facility are located on North Euclid Avenue, CA 90631. Here, processing and administration can take up to 6 hours – but once again, it pays to work with a bail bondsman fast if you wish to prevent the arrestee from transferring to OCJ.

Bail release from OCJ can take significant time to arrange. Therefore, always make sure you contact a bail bonds expert as soon as you know your friend or family member is being held at the La Habra PD.

Van Nuys

Anyone arrested and held at the Van Nuys PD and Jail will be detained on Sylmar Avenue, CA 91401. Van Nuys is covered by Los Angeles jurisdiction, which also means that arrestees may be moved to one of several larger facilities after processing. These may include the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail, the Pitchess Detention Center or the Los Angeles Twin Towers facility. Female arrestees, however, will be detained at the Century Regional Detention Facility.

Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that all inmates at Van Nuys Jail will be transferred. That usually only occurs if bail fails to be posted or if a conviction is decided. Therefore, it makes sense to arrange bail bonds with an expert as soon as possible to arrange for release.

Culver City

Culver City PD operates a temporary jail facility on Duquesne Avenue, CA 90232. It’s considered one of the smaller facilities of its kind statewide. Therefore, it’s once again essential to post bail as soon as possible. Largely, arrestees may be transferred to either the Century Station Lynwood Jail or the Twin Towers Jail in LA after a few hours.

However, making arrangements to post a bond with Culver City PD will largely allow an arrestee to be freed within a matter of hours.

West Covina

West Covina PD runs a Type 1 jail facility, too. Up to 4 female arrestees and 12 male arrestees can be detained here at any one time. Therefore, while there is space for people to be detained overnight, it will be likely that detainees are moved on. The PD, based on West Garvey Avenue, CA 91790, can only hold people for up to 96 hours.

After that, unless bail is posted, an own recognizance release is arranged, or they are due in court, an arrestee may be moved on to the Pitchess Detention Center, the LA Central Jail or the Twin Towers facility. While the 96 hours advised is a maximum detention guideline, this doesn’t mean that arrestees won’t be shipped out much earlier. Therefore, you must seek a bail bond as soon as possible to secure release.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach PD and Jail also operates a 96-hour maximum procedure. However, it is extremely rare that arrestees will be kept for such a length of time. This, again, means you will need to act quickly. The main jail can be found on 15th Street, CA 90266.

Due to the relatively small size of the jail – there are eight cells available – it will be likely that speedy processing is optimized. Therefore, you will again need to make arrangements with a bail bondsman to contact the local PD to secure release. With smaller facilities such as those at Manhattan Beach, it is rare for jailers to hold onto detainees for longer than they have to.

Rancho Cucamonga

Anyone arrested within Rancho Cucamonga City Limits will be held at the West Valley Detention Center. This is situated on Etiwanda Avenue, CA 91739. Processing here is generally very efficient, with administration and checks likely to take less than two hours. It is also a much larger facility than those detailed above, with up to 3,347 inmates incarcerated at any one time.

That means that anyone detained within San Bernardino County Jail (as it is otherwise known) will be held in the same facility as some convicted individuals. However, this is primarily as a result of them awaiting transfer elsewhere. It is a very technologically-proficient facility. However, to secure release from the facility, you must make arrangements with a bail bondsman to contact the jail as soon as possible.

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