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Life Can Be a Beach: Get Ventura Bail Bonds

Picture the Ventura Pier, the waves breaking off Surfer’s Point, the sun shining on the ocean—this image is much nicer when you aren’t worried about a friend or family member in jail, isn’t it? You want to help your loved one out, but you don’t know where to find Ventura bail bonds. All you want is a quick solution that does not come at the expense of professional care or good service. Is that too much to ask? Not at Bail Bonds Direct; we think you should have all three.

What We Will Do

After an individual is first arrested, he or she is taken to county jail, where the booking and processing happens. All of the paperwork, fingerprinting, and records are taken care of during this stage. An amount is assigned for a person’s bail, according to the offense for which he or she was arrested. And then that person is allowed the notorious one phone call.

Once the bail is posted in county jail, we can get to work on setting your loved one free. When it comes to Ventura bail bonds, sooner is better. The process could be as short as 15 minutes if you call us ahead of time. But if you wait too long in some cases, you (and your loved one) could be stuck waiting up to 12 hours. If you contact us soon enough, we will insure a speedy release.

What You Can Do

Your friend or family member is relying on you; this is one predicament that no one can get out of by themselves. You are not alone, either! We are here to help you and your loved one through the whole process. When you decide you need bail bonds in Ventura, contact us at Bail Bonds Direct for a fast, professional solution, and get back to life on the beach.

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