What Our Clients Say?

Testimonials from Bail Bonds Direct – Santa Ana

wow! we're in awe of the professional, efficient and genuine care that Adi and Mike gave to a complicated situation. they pulled them off like clockwork and at the last minute in 2 courts. hugs and kisses!!! and btw, the best rate I've found.

Teri G.,

I recently needed the services of a bail bonds company. After Yelping Orange County bail companies I called Bail Bonds Direct. I am so happy I did. They handled my situation with the utmost respect and showed a high level of sensitivity and compassion. They patiently walked me through the entire confusing process. They were extremely professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend this company.

Julie S,
Las Vegas, NV

being arrested for the first time and scared to death, John was able to put my head at ease. He assured me everything was going to be ok and it was! I can't speak more highly about both a company and its employees on how compassionate and understanding they are. The process was clearly explained to me and was on point. Not only were Jay and John both amazing to deal with, they were able to recommend an attorney that has been equally as good. John made sure to check on me and make sure all was going smoothly and assure me if i had any questions or concerns, that they are there for me. Communication has been made available and they are always prompt to respond. Highly recommend them to anyone who needs this kind of assistance

Josette C.,
Placentia, CA

My daughter was in trouble ,Jay contacted me. He was very helpful, courteous easy to talk to. Answered all my questions,explained all my options. Told me how the system works. He offered a very fair rate below most others. This is a first class operation...Trust me call these guys. Thanks Jay you took a lot pain out of this

Scott K.,
Seal Beach, CA

Jay was very informative and appropriately aggressive in making sure my friend got out of jail in a timely manner. He treated both myself and my girlfriend with the motor still respect. The office was comfortable and clean and the staff had great hospitality and main focus was our best interest in mind getting our friend freed.

Justin B.,
Salt Lake City, UT

Devasted over my husband accusation. This place worked their magic! We were looking a million dollars in bail. Jay got this all removed and my husband's getting released any minute now! $0 in bail! I don't know how he did it, but this place helped eased my worries and saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend Jay and his team!!!!!

Vee S.,
Anaheim, CA

I've researched pretty much everything on yelp. However, never would I have thought that I would have to enter the words "Bail Bonds" in the search engine. When I received the call from my brother that he was in jail I freaked out but then like the good brother that I am, jumped into action mode to make sure that he was bailed out asap. Having no idea about the bail bond process and where to go, I immediately searched Yelp and found Bail Bonds DIRECT. They are the highest rated amongst the area. And for good reason. I called and spoke to George immediately. I had plenty of questions and he was extremely patient and thorough with explaining every detail and scenario with me. I called him at least ten times that day and each time he ended the conversation with "Don't hesitate to call me if you have any other questions." My brother's case was eventually handled by Jay. Jay is a great guy. He is one of those guys that you want on your side. These guys are the real deal and want to help. I'm so thankful that Bail bonds DIRECT will be handling my brothers case. I've heard stories of how a bail bonds business can easily take advantage of people's mistakes. Not these guys. I truly believe that George and Jay are in this business to give people a chance to change their lives in a positive way. Thanks guys!

John D.,
Alhambra, CA

Had the misfortune awhile back to bonded out and I can say from the heart and unequivocally that this company, and particularly the gentleman running the establishment, are both first-rate, honest, compassionate and utterly professional! I can't even say that about my non-immediate family; so what else could you ask for when a loved one gets charged with something - bogus or real? Anyone will tell you the 1st thing you have to do is get them OUT so they have an honest shot of beating the case or doing no time. I truly hope I never need their services again, but if I did there is nowhere else I'd turn to. My whole family ended up loving this guy. You cant help it. Just ask for Jay and tell him D sent you.

Dan A.,
Huntington Beach, CA

Testimonials from Bail Bonds Direct – Los Angeles

Oh man lets see where to start. My brother was out in la drinking with his friends and sometimes he can be a little hard headed at time. He planned on driving back to Orange county from LA while little bit buzz and unfortunately he got pulled over because his break lights were not working and he ended up getting arrested. I had to get a bail bond to bail him out and that's when I came across this bail bond company and they helped me right from the beginning to the end and I was satisfied with all their work. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who needs a fast bail in LA

Zeenna K.,
Irvine, CA

Excellent, excellent service. Had to take care of someone close to my family. They were very prompt & eager to assist. Ask to speak with Jay.

Jennifer P.,
Los Angeles, CA

This Los Angeles bail bonds company is very reliable. I called the bail bond company for my brother-in-law who was arrested for a DUI. I called a few others checked reviews about the other companies and found lots of negative stuff from companies like Bail Hotline which is being investigated and is everywhere. I found this company verified with the Department of Insurance since there rates were the lowest. They were able to bail my brother-in-law within 20 minutes from the call. I do appreciate all their hard work for taking care of this and saving his job!

J L.,
Los Angeles, CA

Called Bail Bonds Direct not too long ago for a family member and they went up and above the call of duty for him. Answered endless questions and responding with understandable and helpful answers. Such an easier process than what I have heard or seen from other bail bonds companies. These guys go above and beyond. Thank you!

Sharde’ A.,
Los Angeles, CA

I have a DUI and Defense practice in Los Angeles, California. I have had clients tell me great things about Bail Bonds DIRECT...easy to get a hold of, fast acting, and willing to go the extra mile is what they say. I'm always happy to recommend businesses that take care of my clients.

Jonathan F.,
Beverly Hills, CA

I've been referring these cats for years. I first came across Bail Bonds Direct back in 2010 when a family member needed to be bailed out in LA for what turned out to be some bogus charges. I was the first call and being as I never dealt with or needed a bail agent I turned to where most people do, the web. Well it was late and I remember calling a few numbers and either getting a machine or someone who didn't seem interested enough at the hour to answer the questions i had. I think these guys were my 5th call and as soon as they answered I wasn't pressed into giving my credit card number over the phone. Instead they answered my questions and told me they would take care of everything and not to worry any further. The whole situation was surreal that I was even calling a bail agent in the middle of the night but it happened and they helped me make the best of it. During the coming weeks they walked me through what to expect and reminded us of the obligations we needed to meet. Like I said in the beginning, the charges were bogus and my family member was let off without any course of action and Bail Bonds Direct was by our side through it all. Ive recommended about 6 more people to them since that incident and every single one of them have been pretty darn happy i sent them to the right people. Thanks Guys!

Oriel Z.,
Beverly Hills, CA