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San Diego, CA: The Hub of Excitement in Southern California

San Diego has a lot of things going for it. But who cares? It has over 70 miles of amazing beaches to enjoy and relax on. Let’s repeat that number again: 70 miles of awesome beaches just waiting for surf boards, umbrellas and, if it’s past 5:00 and the mood suits, those half-shelled coconut drinks that taste of sunshine and rainbows. San Diego is the mecca, the gathering, the place to be no matter the time of year. Why? Because the average daily temp is 74 perfect degrees. Don’t get us wrong, there are reasons why San Diego doesn’t make the “Top Places to Live” list every year. We seem to have a small flea problem. But, seriously, it doesn’t matter. Life is sweet in San Diego.

We also have the coolest Zoo around, with the first baby Panda born in the Western Hemisphere since 1990. It’s name is Hua Mei. We’re proud. Also, we’ve banned Hypnotism from our schools.

We don’t want anyone messing with our kids minds.

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