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We’ve all gone through stressful times. Whether it’s the aftermath of a car wreck, the loss of a loved one, a house fire or a myriad of other emergencies, most of us can relate to hardships of this nature. At San Bernardino Bail Bonds, we’ve seen what it’s like when people are unprepared for an emergency.

When faced with the car wreck, we waited for police to arrive on the scene and dealt with our insurance company. With a fire, we called emergency for a fire truck. We’ve been taught to know phone numbers and procedures for life’s greatest challenges, but few of us would be fully prepared to help a loved one if they were arrested.

siren of a police carIt may seem logical for us to know the justice system in case urgency required us to be prepared, but most people have two main issues; they’re either too frightened of the idea of going to jail that they won’t even conceive how to handle the matter, or they think the possibility of ending up there is too unlikely to worry about.

What You Need to Know

So, what does happen when someone’s arrested? First, they are taken to jail and informed of their alleged offenses. During booking and processing, their bail will be set based according to the codes of each violation. As soon as an amount is officially assigned, we can post bail for your loved one to be released into your custody. If you contact us soon enough, the process could be as quick as 15 minutes.

With the bail bond in your name, it’s important to choose the right bail bonds provider.

What You Need to Do

The important thing to know is you need to act fast. The sooner you contact us, the quicker your loved one can be released. We can help you with bail bonds in San Bernardino. Call us today at 909-591-3100.

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