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You could have been on your way to a Coyotes game or purchasing tickets for a performance at the Sturges Center. Where were you when you got the phone call? The one from your friend or family member who is now in jail. Right now is a difficult, stressful time for you.

At Bail Bonds Direct, we understand. You have enough to worry about without a confusing bail process. Let us take care of bail bonds in San Bernardino for you, and we will have your loved one out in a snap.

What You Need to Know

You may not know even the first thing about bail bonds and how to help. It isn’t exactly a concern you face on a daily basis. Here are the basics that you should know.

When someone is first arrested, he or she is taken to jail and informed of the alleged offenses. During booking and processing, a bail amount is designated according the codes of each violation. As soon as an amount is officially assigned, we can post bail for your loved one to be released into your custody. If you contact us soon enough, the process could be as quick as 15 minutes.

With the bail bond in your name, it is important to choose the right San Bernardino bail bonds provider. Bail Bonds Direct will work hard for you and your loved one. We can handle any bail at any jail. Plus, we will provide you with free information to answer all of your questions. You have already learned the basics, but you can read even more on our blog.

What You Need to Do

The longer you wait to find bail bonds in San Bernardino, the longer your family member or friend may have to wait in jail. Contact Bail Bonds Direct as soon as you consider a bail bond. Your loved one will be walking free in no time.

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