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Ontario Bail Bonds: Your First Class Ticket Out Of Jail

We like to think of what we do in terms of freedom. What else could you be doing if you weren’t sitting in jail? It helps us stay excited about our work because we know we are freeing people to do whatever they want instead of sit in a musty cold jail cell.

Kind-of like flying out of LA / Ontario International. You can fly coach. Feel squished. Deal with the 4 year-old screaming “I WANNA PLAY POKEMON” the whole fight while the 70 year-old sitting next to you decides that your shoulder would make a lovely pillow (slobber include at no extra cost). Or you can fly first class and, basically, fly in peace. Either way, you’re going to the same place. The only thing that changes is your comfort level til you get there.

It’s the same thing with going to trial. You can spend your time in jail, awaiting your hearing and hoping that nothing funny in the showers, or you can get an Ontario bonds man and be free to do whatever you want until your court date.

Either way, you have to go court. But, we may be a little bias, getting a bail bond will make the experience a lot more pleasant.

Give us a call. We’ll bail you out.

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