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Most of us can’t imagine having to spend the night in jail. It’s something we don’t tend to plan for, and hopefully we won’t ever have to deal with. But, if the unexpected does happen to a friend or loved one, your going to need the help of a professional and you’ll need it right away. You’ll want to talk to our experts at Fontana Bail Bonds.

Imprisoned businessman trying to get out of jailIt’s easy to take freedom for granted. If that freedom is cut short for a loved one, it’s important that good decisions are made quickly.

We pride ourselves in knowing the system and caring for those who are in need of assistance. It’s important that people are given their opportunity to post bail and secure council for their day in court. As U.S. Citizens, we all have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity. Part of this concept comes with the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty of a charge.

When we hear from you, we know you’re going through a rough time. We’ll act fast to get the details of your loved one’s arrest. We’ll immediately let the jail know that we’ll be bailing them out. This guarantees that their release can happen in the shortest possible time.

Once we know the bail and conditions of their release, we’ll go over the details with you. We’ll work with you on all of the paperwork required and we’ll even handle the payment process with you. We are able to accept cash, credit, or personal checks.

Usually, it will just be a matter of an hour or so until your loved one is free.

At Fontana bond services, we’re here to help any time day or night, but it all starts with a call. Get in touch with us right away.