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So many people have gone their entire lives never having to face the fear of going to jail. They don’t even know what it means to need help posting bail. But, when we get a desperate call from someone in need of our help, we learn quickly jut how important the bail process can be.

A bail bond is about so much more than getting a loved one out of jail. It’s about knowing how to be fast, precise, and competent under the pressure of emotions, legal matters, and serious time constraints. Perhaps the most important thing about our business, though, is understanding people.

Every time we pick up the phone, we listen to the concerns of the person on the other line. Chances are good they’ve never stepped foot into a bondsman’s place of business, and just as likely they have no idea what’s involved in the process. They’re likely an uninformed client whose emotions are raw and thoughts are flighty at best.

shocked elderly man holding his headOur first course of action is letting the caller know everything will be fine; they can trust in us. We’ll jump into action by contacting the jail, finding out the arrestee’s bail amount set, and letting the facility know we’ll be posting bail.

These important steps guarantee your loved one to spend as short a time behind bars as possible. Our reputation precedes us, which works to your advantage. The jail and court system know that we are professionals, will act quickly according to all rules and laws in place, and we are insured professionals who stand fully behind our bonds.

After we’ve helped you through the paperwork and collected your payment via cash, check, or charge, it will just be a short time and you’ll be reunited with a very thankful and relieved loved one. Freedom is priceless, but the journey getting there happens fast and with a great measure of stress.

Don’t go through it alone. If you run into trouble or need to help out a family member, be sure to call our Bail Bonds DIRECT Moreno Valley branch right away.