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Get Out Of The Riverside County Main Jail Right Now!

Bail Bonds DIRECT has six locations in Riverside County, each of them close to the Sheriff’s office where arrestees are initially booked. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days per week, poised and ready to be there for your loved one if they should ever be arrested. Being close by is part of our winning strategy to give your loved one the best chance at being released quickly.

bruised manNothing is more important than acting quickly when someone is arrested. As soon as we receive that call, we can jump into action. We will answer every question you may have, but the most important thing for you to know is that time is working against us from the moment that your loved one was first arrested.

We have to get some important details from you rather quickly in order to move into action. Once we know there is a co-signer and a means of payment we can do one of the most important things to make a difference in the outcome on this frightening and inconvenient situation. This important move is to contact the police department where they are being booked and let them know we are coming to bail them out. As long as we have things in motion before they are being transferred to another location, we’ll be in good shape to have your loved one bailed out and walking free in a short time.

Every arrest comes with its own specific rules, bail amount, instructions for the arrestee, but regardless, the first steps are the same. That means the sooner you call, the quicker we can assess where things stand with your loved one and what it will take to get them free.

We hope that we can calm your fears, answer your questions, and act on your behalf, as well as on the behalf of the arrestee’s rights. You have our word that we will do our very best, but first you have to call us at 800-880-8380.

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