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Being accused of a crime is a scary situation. You find yourself in jail for the first time and you’re terrified. Once you’ve been arrested, time is short before you will be transferred to county jail.

Our Villa Park office location of Bail Bonds DIRECT is located next to the jail, making it easy for us to get there fast when we’re needed. Our experienced agents are available 24 hours a day and conveniently located for the fastest response. We’re here every day of the year, including Holidays! We can meet family or a loved one in the lobby of the police station to expedite the process. In fact, we can handle everything electronically via phone, fax, and/or email as well. We can even go on location to their home if they’re unable to go anywhere for the bail process.

Troubled man behind barsCall us anytime for details at 714-500-8700. We can arrange for bail bonds in Villa Park.

We’re More Than A Bail Bond Company

We are members of the Villa Park community. We consider it an honor to provide an important service to our friends in the area. We’re someone you can count on when trouble comes.

We’re About Calming People’s Fears

Because we’re professionals, we understand this is a hard time for you and your love ones. We know the state of mind you’re in, so we make certain that we have the details taken care of for you. We know the right questions to ask and the best steps for you to take.

What Happens Next?

So what do you do if you are charged with a crime and need to be bailed out? Call our office, meet with one of our understanding staff, and stop worrying about spending the night in jail.