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Let’s face it; a night in jail is a fear we all share. It’s dark, dismal and depressing, not to mention the ugly orange jumpsuits. The food is terrible, the guards are intimidating, and with the daunting prospect of what comes next, thank goodness there is a 24/7 bail bonds business just next to the jail. The question is, how do you know the difference between a legit bail bondsman and someone who’s not concerned for your well being? Well, for starters, we’re a real business serviced by real people in your community. And that’s a great place to start.

hand of prisoner in jailWe’re More Than A Bail Bond Company

We are members of the community. We look forward to hanging out at the Saw Dust Art Festival with our friends and family every summer. We hike in the Laguna Woods and surf at Rockpile. We hit up Tiki Taco Tuesday at the Royal Hawaiian and spend a little time at the Ocean Avenue Brewery. In short, we are part of the community, so we do our part by helping our friends and neighbors to get out of jail and back to their lives.

We’re Here To Help Calm Your Fears

Don’t worry, we aren’t bounty hunters out to track you down and rough you up. We’re here to help you out and walk you through what comes next. We’re your neighbors, and we want to lend a helping hand when you need it the most.

What Happens Next?

What do you do if you are charged with a crime and need to be bailed out? It’s simple; call our office at 949-202-1441 and meet with our understanding staff. We know how it goes, and what to expect, and most importantly, we can help get home and end those fears about the ugly orange jumpsuit. We can help you get bail bonds in Laguna Beach.

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