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If you are arrested in Garden Grove, be sure to call Bail Bonds DIRECT at 714-500-8700.

hands holding jail barsWe take the role seriously as your reliable, professional bail bond location. We are near the jail so we can act quickly on your behalf when trouble strikes. We are available at all hours of the day and night, every day including holidays. This is important for many reasons, not just because you never know when your arrest might occur, but also because there is a short time between booking and the chance of being transferred to county jail. We want to act fast before there is a transfer, or the process can take hours longer.

You may feel scared, defeated, embarrassed, confused. Trust us. We have seen the toll – the process takes on the arrestee and their family. It is important to remember that they have rights. They may have been arrested, but they have not been found guilty of a crime until their day in court. Until then, they have the right to bail so that they can return to normal life and prepare a defense for their day in court.

Our full-time commitment to the community isn’t just about being available on the phone. At any time, our professional staff is ready to conduct credit and background checks, secure financing, and contact family if any co-signers are required. We are here, ready to serve you no matter what time it is.

We’ll do everything we can to help with all of the details, including payment, financing, processing, and finding out the details on the arrest.

No matter what your unique situation is, we will immediately go to work for you to secure your quick release.

If you are arrested in the area, be sure to call our office at 714-500-8700 or click here.

Learn what to do if a loved one has been arrested in Garden Grove. Watch the video, call us, and let us help.

We have what you need to get your friend or family member out of the Garden Grove Police Station Jail. Although the Garden Grove city jail will accept bail 24 hours a day, the facility is a very short term holding facility and will move inmates to the county jail for housing. Everyone involved must act fast. We can meet you at the station within 15 minutes and we will even approve your bond over the phone. Our agents are next to the jail and ready to help 24 hours a day. For directions to our Garden Grove office click here.