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Regardless of the best made plans, life sometimes throws curve balls. Getting into unforeseen trouble can happen in an instant; it could be over something relatively simple which has escalated to a bigger issue before anyone knows it.

So, when you get that dreaded call from the Aliso Viejo Jail, don’t let your heart sink too deeply. Remember, good people can wind up in tough situations and even though they’re in jail, they deserve compassion and help, too!

Don’t let the anxiety of being your friend or relative’s lifeline stress you out. Bailing people out of jail isn’t what you do every day, but thankfully there are professionals who understand everyone’s different circumstances and know the process of bail like the back of their hand.

So if you find yourself needing the help from one of our licensed bail agents, take a deep breath and follow this easy 5-step process:

Hands holding jail barsStep 1. Act fast.

Don’t waste any time starting the bail process. The longer you delay, the longer your loved one stays in jail. All reputable bail bonds services will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Acting fast means you expedite the process for your friend or relative.

Step 2. Pick a co-signer.

The court will need someone to guarantee that your friend or relative (aka. The Defendant) will honour their word and show up for their hearing or hearings. Ensuring you’ve chosen who the co-signer will be when you start the bail process makes things move as quickly as possible

Step 3. Sign all paperwork.

Over the next few hours, the co-signer will have to complete and sign the necessary paperwork for the jail to review and approve. Once the bail bond is accepted, the defendant is usually released within 4 to 6 hours.

Step 4. Make payment.

In order to the bail process to be completed at Aliso Viejo Jail, payment has to be made at the time of release. Our office accepts all major credits, personal checks as well as cash.

Step 5. Record our number.

Having our number stored in your phone is a way to reduce the time searching us out when you get that call from a friend or relative in jail.

Don’t forget that having a friend or relative in jail is no light matter, regardless of the reason they ended up there. Make sure you engage the services of a professional and experienced agent to help you today.

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