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businessman in handcuffsYour loved one sounded mortified on the phone. You’re still trying to snap yourself out of shock. Is this really happening? Did they really just call you from jail? What are you supposed to do?

At Westwood Bail Bonds, we hear from people all the time who are experiencing some combination of shock, fear and confusion. Their loved one is counting on them to bail them out. It’s a lot of pressure to place on someone who’s never dealt with this before.

When we receive these calls, we find that the most important thing for people to understand is they’re in good hands. Once we start to explain the process, they soon realize that it’s okay if they don’t know everything they’re supposed to do. We’ve got them covered, and we have their loved one’s freedom as our top priority.

Our agents understand the law and the jail system. Timing is the most important factor in the process. Everyone who posts bail will have to fill out forms, assign a co-signer, and pay for a bond. The big difference between those who are released quickly and those who spend countless hours in jail awaiting release is how fast a professional bond agent gets involved.

As soon as you ask for our help, we’ll contact the jail facility and let them know we’re posting bail. This will prevent the possibility that your loved one is transferred to another facility and any factors that would slow down their processing. Once everything is in order, it’s just a short time until your loved one is ready for release.

No matter what the specific circumstances are surrounding their arrest, we’re here, ready to help you through the whole process. Don’t try to navigate this alone. We’re ready to answer your questions anytime, day or night. Call us at 310-818-4100 and we’ll help you with bail bonds in Westwood.