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Rather than post some purchased written content or post some irrelevant information, we here at Bail Bonds DIRECT® decided to post a real note from a real client that was asked to write something to other readers about our business and service regardless of whether it was positive or negative. Of course the negative may have not been posted but since there were no negative comments about our business, here is a real positive one. The following is a real written statement and true confession of one of our previous clients:

Greetings reader; wish it were under happier circumstances though. But cheer up as I have some news that will probably make the distasteful ordeal of having to bail a loved-one, friend, or whomever out of jail a little less stress-ridden.

Bail Bonds DIRECT® has a stellar reputation all over Southern California, and believe me it is well-deserved. These people are not the typical cookie-cutter operation that treats you like you just spilt tomato soup on their favorite cream-colored suit or dress, they actually care and treat you with some dignity and sensitivity knowing you are having a horrific day – or night. The staff is extremely professional and will work tirelessly 24/7 to get your loved one OUT OF CUSTODY and back home where they belong as they did for me.

I understand they work with people on their already reasonable fees however much they are able and within legal guidelines, which includes interest-free-financing for some clients. You are, of course, welcome to come to their office or they will gladly meet you at any L.A.P.D. holding facility or Sheriff’s Department jail to initiate or/and facilitate the financial transaction and agreement and post the bond. Topping that, they will even come to your home or office if you wish, and/or handle most, if not all, of the transaction over the telephone or fax.

If you are need of bailing someone out who has been arrested in the West Los Angeles area, a legal area encompassing roughly parts of Bel-Air, Westwood, and Century City, etc., you can save yourself a huge headache and most likely some cash, too, by simply calling the highly knowledgeable and super-friendly folks at Bail Bonds DIRECT® located at 918 S Robertson, #3, Los Angeles, 90035.

It is kind of strange, but LAPD – West LA Division itself apparently does not have a “holding facility” to house arrestees, so they are typically taken to one of the three or so surrounding local jails – like Van Nuys, 77th Street, Pacific Division and so on, which makes things a little tricky. Like I said, save yourself that headache and worrying the instant you get that dreaded call, or when you learn of a friend or family member that has been arrested in the West LA area – and call the nice people at Bail Bonds DIRECT® in West LA and they can find out everything for you! Where are they being detained? Will they be moved again? What is the charge or charges are? Has bail been set? How much is the bail? How long will the booking process take? (something that HAS to be completed before the bond can be posted) and so forth are things the Bail Bonds DIRECT® can do quickly and efficiently.

Face it, you probably won’t be thinking as clearly as normal, it might be 3:00 in the morning, you have to get up and go to work or change and feed the babies and YOU don’t have time to waste, so do yourself a giant favor and give these guys a call and they will quickly put you at ease and diligently handle the rest! Or you might be a trembling wife standing in the shattered doorway, peering out from the toppled aftermath of a loud and terrifying police raid on your peaceful home, children may be screaming, neighbors gawking over their fences (hey, I’m not judging right or wrong here, and the police and other law-enforcement agencies certainly have their jobs to do, and it’s a very dangerous job and subtlety just doesn’t happen to be a part of it) but in an instant your whole world has just turned upside down and YOU ARE NUMB!

Last time I am going to say it, it is good advice, forget that, this is GREAT advice – but it is entirely up to you to take it or leave it, but this is a VERY serious situation and I would be a class-A jackass if I was lying to you – SO… take a deep breath… pick up the phone and DIAL THE NUMBER TO THE LOCAL Bail Bonds DIRECT® office – in your case, that number is 310-697-8755 and they will walk you through everything, I promise!

And cheer up because I just left you and your loved-one in really good hands, and they are counting on you and you know it. Jail isn’t fit for a cockroach, so do the right thing and take care of business!