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It All Happens In Sylmar, California

There is something very special about a town like Sylmar, California. Though it is close to many attractions, it is not at the center of any of them. Anaheim, Santa Monica, and Long Beach are all a short drive away. At the end of the day, though, visitors can return to their hotels on the outskirts of tourism. Residents can be close, but not too close, to Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo, and Disneyland. The California wilderness lives here too.

Angeles National Park skirts the northeast corner of Sylmar with its natural wildlife, or visitors can see these and exotic animals at Wildlife Learning Center. Mountain lions and snakes, such as the kingsnake, live in forests and deserts of California. WLC is home to animals from all over the globe and makes for an educational family day out. O’Melveny Park has a steep but simple cycling trail which reviewers call a short, intense workout.

The other wild side of this area of California is its city life: Los Angeles, for instance, is less than twenty miles away, and Hollywood is fairly close as well. People-watching can be a lot of fun, especially in a place like Beverly Hills or LA.