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It All Happens In South Gate, California

South Gate California is located in Los Angeles County, just seven miles from downtown Los Angeles. While its close proximity to LA offers an amazing array of activities and the convenience of easy access to everything LA has to offer, this is a city that can clearly stand on its own. In 1990 the city was one of only 10 to receive the All American City award. This award is given to communities that have demonstrated the ability to work together to achieve amazing results in terms of identifying and overcoming community wide challenges.

In addition to having a great sense of community spirit, South Gate offers a diverse population as well as numerous attractions. Everything from a wide assortment of dining opportunities to some of the best entertainment options for families and individuals. In fact, they have an amazing Farmer’s Market that is open on Monday’s and runs from January all the way through December and is a great way to experience some of the local produce.

If you are a runner, the city offers a number of opportunities to get out and enjoy the beautiful area. You can compete in a sponsored run or just enjoy the beauty of the area. For families, local parks and fun outdoor activities can be the perfect way to spend a wonderful weekend.