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It All Happens In Sherman Oaks, California

Sherman Oaks is one of the communities in California’s San Fernando Valley area. Many people may know the city because it has been the location of a popular television reality series as well as the location of a short-lived sitcom of the same name during the mid-1990s. However, residents of the town may know it for very different reasons. This town has lots of attractions both for residents and tourists from shopping to fine dining among many other cultural spots and events that happen throughout the year. They can even take in a movie or relax at a coffee shop.

One way to get to know a place is to check out its local food scene. Like much of California, Sherman Oaks has its own farmer’s market, Woodman Ave Market, where locals can find fresh foods of all kinds. The local arts and culture scene can also keep residents occupied. Community events such as the Summer Bash take place at the Sherman Oaks Woman’s Club. The Café Cordiale features various entertainment options such as an upcoming performance by Gilli Moon in July. Of course, there are also various other restaurants, entertainment venues and other local spots for everyone to enjoy.