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It All Happens In Reseda, California

Reseda is a district of the City of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Like many other burgeoning cities in the area, this town was just a simple farm settlement 100 years ago. Now this outpost of LA contains nearly 60,000 citizens.

What Is Special About Reseda?

This neighborhood is just as diverse as the rest of Los Angeles. Reflecting the southwestern nature of the locale, most of the area’s residents are Latinos. However, there is a healthy mixture of Caucasian, African-American, Asian-Americans and others residing here.

What to Do in Reseda

If you find yourself in Reseda, you might end up in the movies. Many different Hollywood productions have been shot here, including scenes from Karate Kid, Erin Brockovich and Boogie Nights. If you do not end up in a film, take a look around at the streets and see which ones you remember from films that you have seen. You can also visit Reseda Park, where they have a baseball diamond, basketball courts and many other sources of fun.

Reseda is a small, family-oriented municipality. There are many schools and a public library in town. It is also a welcoming place for film and television.