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man sitting in-a cornerImagining the worst case scenario: it’s where our minds tend to go when we’re worried. Without having the necessary details, we can think of one fearful result after another when an emergency happens. This is the case when a loved one is arrested. At Bail Bonds DIRECT Northridge, we understand what people are going through when dealing with a loved one’s arrest, and we consider it an honor to help calm their deepest concerns.

Most people haven’t had any experience with this part of the legal system, so their minds race with fears of dangerous inmates, dirty crowded rooms and their loved one’s loss of freedom. No one wants to think of these things happening to their friend or family. The weight of responsibility can be overwhelming; this is your loved one’s freedom at stake. They’re trusting you to bail them out.

This is no time to go through it alone. You can pull in the reins and take control of the situation by contacting us right away. There’s no way for you to guess your way through the process without our knowledge-set, and you can’t afford to waste time guessing at the right thing to do. We know the answers, and as soon as we receive your call, we’ll go to work to reduce your stress.

We’ll contact the jail to let them know we’ll be posting bail for your loved one. We’ll work with you on the paperwork you have to fill out and we’ll collect the bond payment. Soon, you’ll be giving your loved one a huge hug, exchanging worry for release.

Let us help to make posting bail as easy and painless as possible. Place your trust in us: give us a call right away at 818-678-6600 and we’ll assist you with bail bonds in Northridge.

Learn what to do if a loved one has been arrested in Northridge. Watch the video, call us, and let us help.