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It All Happens In Montebello, California

You can find lots to do in Montebello whether you are a permanent resident or passing through the Los Angeles County city. You may find yourself enjoying a tasty treat at the Ice Cream Café or finding out what makes the Sushi Bar Café Hikari unique. You can relax at Nick Paradise Café or E O C Café when you just want to sit back and enjoy the Southern California scenery. Montebello residents can also enjoy various community in arts and entertainment including the city’s annual Freestyle Summer Festival as well as other arts and entertainment events at the Quiet Canon.

Learn what to do if a loved one has been arrested in Montebello. Watch the video, call us, and let us help.

We understand good people get into bad situations. We are here to help. If someone you care for has been arrested by the Montebello Police Department, this is what you need to know. They will be taken to the Montebello Police Station Jail for booking and housing up to their first court date. In some cases, the jail will require bail to be posted in order to release an individual. We can turn a bond into the jail 24 hours a day with little paper work. Collateral is not always needed and we can approve your bond over the phone instantly. Save Time, Deal DIRECT. For directions to our Montebello office click here.

Residents can also partake in various cultural events like the Casa del Mexicano as well as the Pico Rivera Sports Arena. The Whittier Historical Society and Museum also has events beyond what you would expect from a museum such as a tea and fashion show while some may enjoy what Memories has to offer. Furthermore, while Montebello has much to offer within the city, there are also options to explore other areas in and around the San Gabriel Valley. As can be expected in Southern California, Montebello has its share of beautiful parks and other natural sites for everyone.