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It All Happens In Mission Hills, California

Mission Hills is a Southern California community located in the San Fernando Valley. This suburb is situated at the northern end of Sepulveda Boulevard and near the junctions of the San Diego and Golden State Freeways. Mission Hills is a popular tourist stop because it is home to an 18th-century Spanish mission called the Mission San Fernando Rey de España.

Visitors to Mission Hills have plenty of opportunities for exploring historical sites. These landmarks are quite popular spots for photographers and landscape painters interested in capturing these unique sites. Along with the Mission San Fernando Rey de España, this community is also home to the Rómulo Pico Adobe, which is one of the oldest residences in the Los Angeles area and dates back to the early 1850s.

Mission Hills also offers chances for outdoor activities such as hiking and golf. Popular spots include the Hansen Dam Park and Golf Course, the Aliso Canyon Park, and the O’Melveny Park. Residents of this community especially enjoy these quiet nature areas as breaks from the busy urban life of nearby Los Angeles. Long-time denizens of Mission Hills often report that it is a perfect mix of urban and suburban life with a good sense of community.