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judge talking with handcuffed criminalIf you’re in immediate need of a Bail Bond Agent, chances are good that you’ve just received from a friend or family member who has just been arrested. Understandably, they’re shaken and nervous. Most of us have never run into this kind of trouble, and many never even imagine running into this kind of scenario. But, if you have received that call, the first thing that you need to do is contact one of our professionals at Lynwood Bail Bonds.

Every bail situation is unique, depending on the circumstances of the arrest, the type of offense, and whether the individual has ever been in trouble before. This isn’t territory that you want to try to wander on your own. Any time that is wasted trying to gather details on your own, contacting family, Googling online advice, can lead to a longer time your loved one spends in jail.

As soon as we hear from you, we’ll get the details of your loved one’s arrest and the bail amount set. We will contact the jail and let them know we’re going to be posting bail. This helps make sure changes are not made in their processing, including a change of location to another facility, which could prolong their imprisonment.

We’ll need for you to fill out paperwork and to select a person to be a co-signer on the bond. This is required to support the individual’s guarantee that they’ll be present for any court dates required of them. Once everything is in order, we’ll collect payment from you. We make this as painless as possible by accepting any major credit card, check, and even cash. It will likely be no time until your loved one is free and ready to go home and get back to their life.

We’re ready to serve you any time 24/7. Call us at 323-498-2800 and we can arrange for bail bonds in Lynwood for you or your loved one.

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