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A nice day of shopping at Plaza Mexico is great, but if your friend or family member ends up in jail, getting them safely out puts everything else on the back burner. At Bail Bonds Direct, we understand that nothing matters as much as your loved one’s well being. This is a tough time for you; you are probably frustrated, confused, disappointed, worried, and a whole spectrum of other emotions. It may seem like more than you, alone, can handle, but we are on your side. We make Lynwood bail bonds simple and stress-free just for you.

Bail Bonds 101

The process from arrest to posting bail does not have to be complicated. After an individual is taken into custody, he or she is transferred to jail for booking and processing. This is when the bail amount is determined according to the code of the suspected offense. Each violation comes with its own pre-determined bail. At this point, we can post bail for your loved one and have him or her out in a short 15 minutes!

Sometimes a defendant may be transferred to a maximum security facility due to overcrowding or health concerns. This transfer does not happen immediately, which means we are able to prevent it if you contact us quickly. If he or she is transferred, the wait can stretch up to 12 hours. It is always better to contact us for bail bonds in Lynwood as soon as possible. The sooner we know, the sooner we can help.

What You Need to Do

Learn more about the team that is ready to give you a hand. With Bail Bonds Direct, you will get the professional service you need and the individual care you want. There is no reason to wait. Give us a call today and let’s help your loved one together.

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