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It All Happens In Lomita, California

With a population of just over twenty thousand people, the town of Lomita is the size of a large town. Spanish for “little knoll”, the town has a Hispanic population that makes up over thirty percent of the town’s demographic. Located on the coast of California, the town of Lomita falls under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County. Dedicated by Irene Lewis in 1966, the Lomita Railroad Museum continues to be a popular attraction in the town. Mrs. Lewis and her husband owned a business that manufactured steam engine trains for sale throughout the world. Some of the same trains from the year 1960 are featured in the Lomita Railroad Museum today. That legacy left behind by Mr. Lewis lives on today, with the majority of males in Lomita working in the manufacturing industries. The majority of women in the town work in healthcare settings or retail industries.

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The town enjoys a mild climate year round and a close proximity to the coast of California. There are seven colleges and universities all within a fifteen mile radius from the town, providing its residents with many different options for higher education. Nicknamed “The Friendly Town”, Lomita is truly a town full of hospitality and grace.