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It’s frightening to have a loved one depending on you to get out of jail. You’ve never dealt with anything like this before. Where are you supposed to even begin?

You’re nervous, flustered and worried, and you don’t know the first thing about bail bonds. You need someone who can provide fast, professional service and a speedy release process, all without paying an arm and a leg.

handcuffed man sitting on the floorOur professionals at Lancaster Bail Bonds understand what you’re going through. We’ll make you and your loved one our top priority. As soon as we receive your call, we’ll contact the jail and make sure they know our intent to post bail for your loved one. This helps prevent them from spending any more time in jail than necessary. Why?

When someone is arrested, the first thing to happen is their booking and processing. This includes fingerprints, background checks, and paperwork. All of these events will typically take place at a city jail. A bail amount is determined based on the individual code of the suspected violation. Every offense has a pre-determined bail. Therefore, in order for a suspect to be released, the bail must be posted. Payment of bail money acts as insurance to guarantee the suspect will appear in court on their assigned date.

We’ll meet with you immediately to fill out the necessary paperwork and process your payment. We can take cash, check, or any major credit card to keep the options open for you. We’ll need you to decide upon a designated co-signer on your loved one’s bail. This acts as an assurance on their word that they’ll appear for their court dates.

The most important thing is to get with a professional who’ll work with you quickly to get your loved one out of jail. Your loved one could be free within 15 minutes. It all starts with you. Contact our professionals now.

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