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It All Happens In La Puente, California

La Puente is in Los Angeles County, California. The population of the city stands at about 40,000. The city’s color scheme consists of green and white, which are well represented in the seal. Its history dates back to the 1880s and its named after a bridge. In the early days, La Puente was a source of fruits and walnut groves to the extent of housing the largest walnut packing plant in the world.

Over the years the city has turned mostly urban, leaving behind most of the farming activities. Visitors, however, can still view some historical landmarks like the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum. There is also the Historical Star Theater that offers people a chance to watch local performances. Another historical site is the La Puente’s Valley Women’s Club.

The business district is undergoing renovation to bring it to par to the other developing towns. The local government, however, is yet to attract big investors to the town. Small strip malls from the 1950s are still operational in the town. La Puente covers a total service area of 9.1 kilometers squared. The area has population density of about 11,500 per square mile, with most common ethnic groups being Latinos and Hispanic. The town is home to some professional boxers such as Tony Baltazar and Steven Luevano.