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It All Happens In La Mirada, California

Aptly named La Mirada, meaning The Look in Spanish, it is located in southeast Los Angeles County and considered a gateway city. At 7.85 square miles and estimated population of 49,000 in 2010, the city has some interesting elements. The infamous Rand McNally, the mapmaker along with his son-in-law, Edwin Neff, created the town.

One fact that puts this city on the map is that it contains one of the nationally ranked private Christian universities, Biola University. It is also home of the Elephant Bar restaurant chain offices. The Elephant Bar is known for its dining adventure with exotic drinks as well as the grilled dishes and wok dishes.

The La Mirada Theatre has an interesting history. It was transformed into a state-of-the art theatre from a movie theatre in 1977. The contributions of each city council maintain its status of offering high technical standards in the theatre arena. Boasting over 3 million visitors in the past 35 years, it has offered more than 4,000 performances. The performers tour the country showcasing their home talent that includes Broadway productions.

Female residents outnumber the males by 4% and the average age is 40. La Mirada is considered high (129.2) on the cost of living index. With about 6200 people per square mile, the population density is also considered high. Median prices for homes range from $325,000 to $550,000.