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a block of prison cellsLa Mirada Bail Bonds is proud about our commitment to making a difference in our community. We care about the experience people have when a crisis occurs. Our specialty is with the jail system, so we know the challenges people are facing. We understand because we see them every day.

Normally, when we receive your call. It’s because a loved one has contacted you from the county jail. You’ll likely be nervous, worried and anxious. These are the most logical emotions to be experiencing, since you worry about how bad jail could be and you have no idea what their chances are for getting out.

How long are they going to have to stay in jail? How much is their bail going to be? Where do I start?

The questions roll around in your mind, dizzying and worrisome. You need the help of a professional and you need it immediately.

When an individual is arrested, they’re taken to jail for booking and processing. Authorities set the amount due for bail at this point. The amount of bail comes from a pre-determined identification code that is determined for every violation.

As soon as bail is assigned, we can jump in to help. If you contact us soon enough, we could have your friend or family member released in as little as 15 minutes. We’ll work with you to get the paperwork in order and to assign a co-signer. You can pay us with cash, check, or charge.

Save your loved one and yourself hours of waiting and worrying by getting in touch with us quickly. Call us now and we’ll help you get bail bonds in La Mirada.