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It All Happens In Inglewood, California

Until fairly recently, Inglewood, California was where fans of the local professional hockey and basketball teams came to view their heroes in action. The Fabulous Forum, so-named by the Laker’s life-long announcer, was known for its great views of the action, and for its sparkling cleanliness. Although the sports teams now play in greater downtown Los Angeles, the Forum still hosts its share of concerts and events.

Many people only know of the Inglewood area from what they have heard in a variety of rap music lyrics. However, there is also a staggering number of museums in Inglewood, and one is the world-famous Museum of Natural History and Science. Even people who do not care for museum visits would stand amazed once they entered the museum and beheld the wonders behind its doors. The Summer Olympics were held twice in Los Angeles, once in 1932, and again in 1988, and both times the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum played the host. This historical sporting venue still holds capacity crowds on Saturdays in the fall when the USC football team is at home. If you plan a trip to Southern California, be sure to include Inglewood on your visit, and do not leave until you have experienced at least one of the delectable barbecue shacks in the area.