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It All Happens In Huntington Park, California

Huntington Park, California is a thriving city situated just over five miles southeast of Los Angeles. The community is a retail hub and a green space, offering over 31 acres of park space to its visitors and residents. Its population of about 58,000 residents keeps it a busy, active city that is not overcrowded or too densely populated.

The city was incorporated in 1906 and took its name from a noted industrialist, Henry Huntington. Its close proximity to downtown Los Angeles quickly established it as a booming streetcar suburb, a commuter town for people who worked in the Los Angeles industrial district. Pacific Boulevard in Huntington Park is a commercial and retail haven, filled with shopping options appropriate for the middle class demographic of the city.

The International Police Museum of Southern California is located in Huntington Park. As one of the few police museums in the country, this is a destination well worth exploring as a visitor to the city. The museum was officially established in 1998, after Captain Michael Gwaltney had dedicated years of his life to collecting over one thousand police hats from around the world along with other police memorabilia. This unusual little museum is just one small part of what makes Huntington Park unique.