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It All Happens In Granada Hills, California

Granada Hills is a city in California located in the San Fernando Valley. This area began as an oil well in 1916, which was the first oil well established in the San Fernando Valley. Later, in 1927, Granada Hills was established. During this time, the area was an orchard and working dairy farm called Sunshine Ranch.

The Granada Hills of today still has remnants of the citrus groves that were used during the 1920’s to produce oranges, grapefruits and lemons. The city also produced apricots, walnuts and beans during this time. Small groups of orange, lemon and grapefruit trees can still be found in the front yards of many homes in the area. There are several parks located in this city for residents to enjoy. One of these parks is called O’Melveny Park and is the second largest park in the Los Angeles area. Most of this park is a large undeveloped area which includes a grassy overlook where visitors can see a beautiful view of the northeastern part of the San Fernando Valley. There is also an area of this park that has picnic tables, a small stream, hiking trails, and citrus trees.

Granada Hills, California is also known for its mid-century architecture which experienced a revival in popularity during the 1990’s. Joseph Eichler, a famous architect, designed the most revered section of homes in an area called Balboa Highlands. Visitors to Granada Hills will find plenty to do and see in this iconic city.