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It All Happens In Glendora, California

Glendora, CA is an affluent community located in the greater Los Angeles area. The city is located just east of the foothills and is located near the Northwestern corner of Los Angeles county. The city is very well known for having a wide range of housing options. Homes within the city range from modest ranch style homes to mega mansions that sit within gated communities and frequently sell for over $5 million.

The city is constantly considered one of the best cities in the country to raise a family. Glendora is well known for having one of the best school districts in the State of California and the low crime rate makes it an ideal option for people with young children. Beyond young families, some many retired individual choose to move to the area to live in one of a few different senior housing developments.

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Glendora is also know for being the home of Glendora Country Club. The country club is considered one of the most exclusive clubs in the country. The club has a very limited amount of spots available for new members and those that are looking to join must be invited and be approved through an application process.